Travel Eating – Before, During, After

When you’re planning a trip, you plan the clothes, airline, hotel, and even some tours you want to take but you probably don’t plan your eating. The problem with most vacations is that people want to sleep late and perhaps leave the rigid schedule at home. If that translates into leaving all good habits back at home, rethink your thinking. You want to weigh (goal) pounds 365 days a year, not just when it’s convenient. Carry some food supplies in case your plane doesn’t take off on time and you’re stuck with the fatty choices at the airport. Plastic bags with portions of miniature shredded wheat might be helpful.
If you make every food foray away from your home into an exception to the rule, you’ll end up with more exceptions and no rules. Whatever you’re doing to lose and/or maintain your weight while at home, you want to do while on vacation. If you eat slowly at home (put utensils down between bites, make sure mouth is empty before inserting more food), do the same thing when away. Plan ahead the content of food so when the bread or salad or starch arrives, you can wave it away and concentrate on your entrée, drink, or dessert.
Acknowledge that what you ate was enough. Think about how your plan was achieved. And most of all, that your clothes are looser and you feel good about yourself. More food is not better nor is overeating to the point of discomfort. You’ll only feel remorse. Eat the right amount. Push your plate an inch or two to end a meal. And realize that planning ahead feels great.

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Mindful Eating

If you are a compulsive overeater, a binge eater, or a food addict, there are some things you can do.

1.Set a goal. Rather than waiting, start now and decide how much you would like to weigh.

2.Decide whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or stay the same weight. Every time food is offered, proffered and pushed, think: I want to weigh ______ next month. I can do it!

3.Plan ahead. In that way, if something comes your way you’ll know if it was part of your plan or if it was a visual, situational or circumstantial stimulus to eat. Then you can decide if you are really hungry.

4.Eat with utensils. No finger foods. It makes it too easy to eat more than you had intended to.

5.Cut each bite of food to the size of a nickel or dime. Anything bigger leads to shoveling not savoring.

6.Put utensils down between bites of food. Fill up on ambiance and conversation.

7.Drink water between bites of food. Sip, don’t gulp.

8.Make sure mouth is empty before inserting more food. The slower you eat the more memorable and enjoyable the meal (and after the meal) will be.

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Prix Fixe

Valentine’s Day is coming and you have planned to go out to dinner with your signifcant other and/or friends. The restaurant is offering a prix fixe meal for the occasion. But is the prix fixe meal the best option for you? You’re thinking, it’s all included with the meal at a slight discount. It’s so hard for most overeaters to forsake food that has already been purchased. But steer clear of the bargains, and order à la carte instead. Share an entrée with your significant other or friend. Don’t succumb to what the restaurant wants you to eat based on what they want to charge. When dining out, this is just one of a few of the food fumbles. No need to eat it all, there will always be another meal, party,and festivity. Just think about how good you’ll feel being slimmer when you receive the next invitation.

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One Bite

If you have been steadily losing weight and one day the scale stops moving, you’re eating more than you’re able to burn. Leaving over just one bite of food at each meal, adds up to be over a thousand bites of food by year’s end.

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New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to tackle your compulsion to eat when you’re not hungry, a goal without a plan is just a daydream. Baseball player Yogi Berra said “a goal without a plan is just a daydream.” Let me help you write a plan.

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Happy Holidays!

We are now deep into the holiday season and have been celebrating by eating and drinking with family and friends.

Remember food nourishes your body to give you energy to do things you need, and want to do. And if it tastes good, smells good, and looks good, that’s a bonus and not a reason to eat. Eat only if you are truly hungry.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year! (Overeating is not healthy.)

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The Scale

I went to a doctor and told the nurse I weighed myself that morning, as I do every morning. I was wearing jeans, two sweaters, underwear, and leather boots – and, I’d eaten breakfast. She said, I’ll take off 2 pounds. I told her the boots alone weighred 2 pouncs. She smiled but that’s all she allowed.

Many of my doctors are on the same floor in a medical building. I’ts very convenient to get several appointments completed in one day. What I noticed in going from one office to another is that not one of the scales matched the others even though I was weighed with in minutes of each appointment.

Get yourself a scale and use that as your weight loss (or gain), so your journey will be consistent.

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Appropriate Portions

I am 5’1″ tall. You may be taller. Yet if we both ordered the same chicken and broccoli in a Chinese Restaurant, the waitperson would not go into the kitchen and say: “One person is 5’1″ and the other is 5’9”. We both would get the same protion. But who is the portion meant for?

Is it for me? I don’t think so. Is it for you? Probably not. Is it for the 250 pound person at the corner table? No.

A portion of food in a restaurant is based on how much they want to charge.

In order to reach (and maintain) your goal weight, you need to know what your portion is so that you can identify it across a crowded plate, across a crowded room, across a crowded buffet table.

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Unrealistic Expecations

Unrealistic expectations make you believe you’ll never succeed, every effort is for naught, and you are forever destined to fail.

If you give too much credence to your real or imagined failures and not enough to your attempts, your interim successes, and your accomplishments, you will become the failure you think you are.

Create your own positve voice. Think of the reasons you want to reach your weight loss goal, not the reasons you don’t want to remain at your present weight.

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Too Much, Too Fast, Too Late

Do you eat too much?
Do you eat too fast?
Do you eat too late?
Maybe all three?
If this is the case, you may also be overweight.
If you’re stuggling, there are things you can do. Repatterning.
Repatterning is to identify your eating patters and then change them a a nickel sized bite at a time.

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