Ehrlich’s book is precisely the medicine you all need: recognize overeating as another addictive behavior, no different from smoking, drinking, obsessiveness, or being a workaholic. My favorite line: “if it’s not water, its food!” Now that obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, changing our thinking, feeling and behavior about food is the only pathway to healthy living. I recommend this book to everyone who is serious about losing weight and keeping it off – it’s a tough lesson in self-love, but so worth the results. I have been dealing with an eating addiction for ten years, and this book has finally given me the tools and the know-how to crack the addiction. I have lost twenty pounds and am at a weight I haven’t seen since high school. This book is NOT a diet, it’s a life-style change. For anyone that has tried every diet in the book, who eats for every reason under the sun except for being hungry, for anyone who feels out of control when it comes to food, BUY THIS BOOK. Follow Caryl’s program and you see your body and your mind change in ways that you didn’t think possible. 

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