One of a kind – Get it! Conquer Your Food Addiction is a one of a kind weight-loss book. Yet it’s much more than that! As a behavioral approach to weight loss, it a manual for a new way of thinking, behaving, being and eating. The author’s basic premise is that one need not change the foods one eats, but, instead, one’s habits. It sounds so basic, until we try it. As creatures of habit, our diets revolve around deeply-ingrained habits and rituals derived from personal history, a contemporary super-size culture, and daily life-styles. The main idea/goal is that if one is overweight, barring some medical condition, one is eating more than needed out of habit!! Change the habits/rituals and you change your food consumption. Although this book is written for those who are food addicts, it speaks to all of us who more often than not use food as an emotional filler, and/or who just eat out of habit, social pressure, boredom and so on. In terms of the actual weight loss, the author turns into a personal weight-loss trainer – in fact, she is one, for those who live in the New York area. Her goal is our goal: to reach our weight loss goal, regardless of how many pounds. Like a coach, she asks again and again, “What do you want to weigh?” This is tremendously helpful in sticking with it! By focusing on the goal, the issue is less about food and more about changing our habits, hence our outlook, about eating to get us to our permanent weight-loss goal. I find this book one of a kind. In fact, I don’t see another out there like it! I highly recommend it for someone who is serious about transforming both mind, behavior and body! 

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