Caryl, I am down to 180 lbs!! (I started at 190) I am really sticking to your program. I just finished the chapters on fillers and am going to start recopying the info tonight. Now that I am being so aware of what I eat and really asking myself if I am truly hungry, I am noticing how much others eat…tons. Of course I would never say that to anyone. We went out for Chinese with my parents tonite. I had chicken with broccoli with brown rice. I had one small portion of the large serving platter, and left most of the rice on my plate. My father must have had at least 4 plates filled with food. He has cardiac disease with a history of quadruple bypass surgery on 1988. It makes me crazy (it always has) that he doesn’t see what he is eating. I’ve written him letters about it in the past to no avail. I guess these are the personal choices that we all have to live with. It makes me mad because my two daughters adore him. I don’t want them to miss out on that relationship later in life. I am also trying to be a good example for my daughers, they are both normal weight, do not eat when they are truly not hungry. No just for fun eating!! Anyway, sorry for rambling. I love drinking hot water, and have elimiated coffee from my morning routine. I really feel that I am sleeping better at night now. Thanks for any advise you may have, Cindy C.

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