Here are some tools to help you accomplish your goals.

Printable Program Forms

Click and print The Program forms now to begin keeping track of the day, date, morning weight, and what you ate, just the way program participants do.

Scale Info

You want to weigh your goal weight 365 days a year, not just when it’s convenient. I recommend that you travel with a small lightweight scale. Some are much smaller than the typical laptop computer. It’s like packing one less pair of sneakers or shoes. If you pack the scale first, it will fit. If you pack it last, it won’t. Yes, many fine hotels have a scale in the room, but it’s not your scale. And by taking the time to take your scale, you are taking your weight loss program on your trip. It may strike you as a bit compulsive, but in fact, it’s an important commitment.

I like the Tanita which may be purchased at their website.


Below are some visual reminders that you can put around the house to help keep you on track when your food addiction tries to overwhelm your good intentions. Download one or all of them and hang them around your house or use one of them as a screensaver.

These drawings by Ron Porcelli are from a set of greeting cards designed just for me. If you would like to purchase a full set, send me an e-mail for more information.

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